Lana Turner as Diane de Poitiers in 'Diane' Designed by Walter Plunkett


Three-piece period gown of black silk floral brocade, re-embroidered with silver bullion. highlighted with hand painting and ornamented with pearls, [C166-1/6] a fitted bodice with lace-up back closure, black satin inner sleeves ornamented at cuff with silver bullion lace and pearls, full brocade outer-sleeve lined with silver/gold metallic lame, trimmed at borders with lace and pearls, shoulder rolls of brocade with linear rows of ivory and black pearls, matching draping strings of pearls at bustline, ornamented at center with a silver pearl-encrusted broach of two interlocking "D"s creating the image of two crescent moons and forming the insignia of Diane de Poitiers; [C166-2/6] matching full outer skirt with train constructed of brocade and ornamented at front opening with bullion lace and pearls; [C166-3/6] under-skirt constructed of black net with multi layers of black pelon, set with lamé panel at front (The garment has cloth labels which read [LANA TURNER 1675 4414]); [C166-4/6] a silver net detachable collar with scalloped edge, snaps to bodice, ornamented with various size pearls throughout; [C166-5/6] silver filigree metal palmander attached to double stand pearl cording inset with silver medallions set with red stone and pears (Not original to costume); [C166-6/6] black and white pearl necklace with various sized white pearl drop. Also included is a black net and pelon under skirt in cardboard crate 507.





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Lana Turner went from being a shy and innocent sweater girl to a movie goddess and eventually into a tabloid queen with her line of scandalous marriages and relationships. Whereas some say her acting skills were limited, she was a beautiful and glamorous actress who excelled in roles that highlighted her sexuality and was for some time, one of MGM’s leading stars.

The real Diane de Poitiers, mistress to King Henry II and named after the goddess Diana, gained absolute power through her manipulation of the men in her life. In this film, the character is just a statuesque victim of true love- Lana Turner style. The film was a lavish costume epic that took liberties with historical facts and Lana Turner was certainly the most decorated character in the film wearing over 20 lavishly ornamented period gowns. Lana Turner did not like what she called the MGM “costume stinkers” and it was her final film for MGM and her final period film.

Plunket did take care with historic detail, but also re-interpreted the period to follow directives to show Lana Turner’s ample chevage. The majority of the costumes for Diane were in black bejeweled fabrics because it seems that the character is always in mourning for someone. So many jewels were used on the luxurious costumes, Plunket purchased a manufacturer just to produce all the ornamentations. Even though MGM was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time of filming, it did not show in this opulent production.

Gown during the jousting scenes where she has been named Queen of the Lists.



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