Ginger Rogers as Irene Malvern in 'Weekend at the Waldorf' Designed by Irene


Slate grey velvet dressing long-sleeve robe, collarless v-neckline, zipper front closure, ornamented with multiple strands of light grey cording going from shoulder to shoulder and then to waist and down left side.




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Ginger Rogers, who in 1942 was one of the highest paid female star in Hollywood, was probably best known for her ten dancing films with Fred Astaire. But, she was an accomplished dramatic and comedic actress.

In the comedic film, which was loosely based on the 1932 film “Grand Hotel” Rogers plays the part of the star original played by Greta Garbo.

Irene, who was Costume Supervisor at MGM had a particular look in the way she draped fabric. The draping cording panel at the front of the robe was a technique Irene would use again for a design for Esther Williams in “The Hoodlum Saint," 1946. Ginger Rogers liked the draped cording because it gave her something to play with during the scene.



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