Pectoral worn in 'Intolerance'


Hebrew "pectoral," square brass plaque bordered with brass frame with foliate and floral filigree and with fleur-de-lis at corners, inner plaque set with twelve multi-colored oval glass stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, inscribed under each stone with one of the following names: "Levi, Simeon, Reuben, Zebulon, Ssachar, Judah, Gad, Naphtali, Dan, Benjamin, Joseph and Asher."




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Seen in scenes with Christ carrying the cross through the crowd of people.
This type of pectoral is often credited as being worn by Arron (brother of Moses) founder and high priest of the Israelites and who acted a a mediator between people and God through the Ark of the Covenant. But because of the power of the Ark, he needed to wear protective gear to protect himself. One such protection was the pectoral along with other pieces. It was reported that a rope was even tied to Arron's leg in case something with wrong during the exposure and they could pull him out and not have the enter the tabernacle.



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