Nina Foch as Bithiah in 'The Ten Commandments' Designed by Edith Head et. Al.


[C433A]Egyptian style gown constructed of accordion pleated black lame fabric with v-neckline, draping wings over shoulders, ornamented at bust, waistline and down center front with pewter medallions on chains; [433B] a silver-toned necklace with green-painted scarab symbols and golden disk on a silver-toned necklace.

The gown with a different collar was worn by Phyllis Newman in "Mannequin," 1987 (Gladden Entertainment.





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Dutch-born actress Nina Foch had a long career in film, stage and television. She became a leading lady of the 1940’s playing aloof characters. Even though she was one year younger than Charlton Heston, she was cast in “The Ten Commandments” as Bithiah, daughter of Pharaoh Ramesses, who finds Moses in a basket and raises him to become the price of Egypt. She is later exiled because of the deception.

Costume design was one of the largest undertakings for the film creating costumes for the two dozen stars and twenty-five thousand extras. Over fifty costume designers worked on the film to create looks that would be appear to be historically accurate.

The film was nominated for Best Costume Design 1957 but, lost to “The King & I.”



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