Matte Painting of Haunted Forest in 'Wizard of Oz'


Original matte painting of the final shot within the haunted forest used in filming "The Wizard of Oz". Vividly colored pastel painting used to film the memorable scene where Dorothy, The Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion dance arm in arm down the yellow brick road and through the haunted forest singing "We're Off To See The Wizard." There are several production markings on the 22" X 28 " painting. In the center is the matte number [258]"," the director's name [FLEMING] and designation [EXT (Exterior) FOREST- DAY] and several production markings in the blacked out area and around the borders.


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MGM When The Lion Roars"," Peter Hay"," 1991"," Turner Publishing"," Inc."," pg 173.(photo). The Wizardry of Oz"," (photo). Book on special effects (Photo)



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Two color photographs showing the scene as it was shot with the blacked out area and the composite finished film clip.



“Matte Painting of Haunted Forest in 'Wizard of Oz',” Film Costume Collection, accessed April 19, 2024,

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