Robert Conrad as James West in 'The Wild Wild West' Designed by Jack Muhs


Western traveling ensemble consisting of blue corduroy bolero-style jacket trimmed at lapel and cuff with black leather, secret pockets at left lapel and at the back neck. Jacket has a WESTERN COSTUME label which reads: [2045-1 BOB CONRAD- Chest 40, Sleeve 16 1/2]; light blue cotton sleeveless shirt dickie with rounded collar and pleated detail at front and a pair of matching detached sleeve cuffs with elastic (created for display); black silk neck scarf; sterling silver necktie slide set with oval turquoise stone (inscribed at back "Silverstone"); pair of blue wool blend tightly fitted slacks (cloth tape which reads: [BOB C #1]); pair of white elastic suspender; pair of black leather boots, black felt cowboy hat with brim in original hat box with costumer tag inscribed "Robert Conrad 2 M.O. Hats."




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“Robert Conrad as James West in 'The Wild Wild West' Designed by Jack Muhs,” Film Costume Collection, accessed May 21, 2024,

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