Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in 'Hunger Games' Designed by Judianna Makovsky


Distressed costume, [C517-A] grey knit cardigan sweater, two lower patch pockets, back tab detail, six button front closure, severely distressed with holes and rips throughout (no labels or inscriptions); [C517-B] grey long-sleeve shirt, two patch pockets, severely distressed with scratches, holes. white thread repairs at right pocket and chest ("Blue Bell" label inscribed "247 DY 2474"] [bias label inscribed "2474-DY"; [C517-C] grey ribbed tank top, small pocket at left of chest, distressed at neckline (no labels or inscriptions)"," [C517-D] pair of brown canvas pants with woven stripe, two large front and back flap pockets, belt loop, no cuff, distressed throughout, heavy distressing to both knees (no labels or inscriptions); [517-E (Left) 517-F(Right)] pair of distressed brown leather boots, cap toe, lace-up front and inner zipper closure (Steve Madden- size 9M).




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The casting of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen as the bright, brave young woman whose archery skills could put Robin Hood to shame, was greatly anticipated by people who had read the books. The description of the character was somewhat vague in the books, probably leading to the ability of the reader to make her into whatever they could relate to. Even though the actresses’ casting did cause some controversy, some saying she was as too old, too blonde, too buxom, and too fair-skinned, Lawrence’s performance was a success and has created an epic character that will go down in the annals of film history. Her character represents the best in a self-obsessed totalitarian society that is going out of control.

Judianna Makovsky put as much thought and consideration into the low-key costumes for the Districts as she did for those in the Capitol and tried to stay as close the descriptions in the books as she could. She looked for inspiration to the working-class people of the 19th century and to the 1960 Appalachia using colors mostly in muted greys and browns. Amazing work went into creating lived-in costumes that were appropriate, aged and distressed. This costume, which appears in numerous flashbacks throughout the film known as the “Boy with the Bread,” shows the character at her lowest point in the film. It is through these flashbacks that the character realizes that she does have a real deep connection with the character of Peeta, a correlation that is missing with the other characters in the film.



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