Extras as Zombies in 'Moonlighting' Designed by Robert Turturice


Two grave zombies. The first is a dark grey burlap, extremely large robe ornamented with grey gauze and Spanish moss, pair of black rayon gloves won by zombie judge. The second costume is a 17th Century hooker ensemble consisting of corset, heavily embellished with shredding lace, silk ribbons, crystal beads, Spanish moss; a duster of cut velvet on silk chiffon and ornamented with rotting lace; grey silk pantaloons ornamented with rotting lace ribbon and moss; hip padding; a pair of gold earrings; lace gloves; rotting neck ribbon with cameo; tights and two bead necklaces.





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Additional Notes

Worn in Moonlighting episode 5.7, "I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld" in dream sequence.



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