Charlton Heston as Judah Ben Hur in 'Ben Hur' Designed by Elizabeth Haffenden


Long Roman cape of steel-gray wool, lined with cream silk, ornamented at its borders with embroidery of eighteen carat gold bullion and studded with black stones. DAVID WEIZ COMPANY AUCTION tag attached inscribed [143R BEN HUR]. Prop beige wool toga with gold bullion cording at front.




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After appearing two years earlier as Moses, Charlton Heston was again cast in a role of a wealthy prince who eventually rejects his Roman citizenship. The role did prove to be more physical and Heston had to learn to drive a chariot. The garment was worn in scenes in which Jack Hawkins adopts Heston as his son.

Ben Hur had the largest budget for any film up until that time and costume designer, Elizabeth Haffenden. oversaw 100 costume makers to make the costumes. The film received the Academy Award for Best Costume Design Color.



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