Kim Novak as Judy Barton/ Madeleine Elster in 'Vertigo' Designed by Edith Head


Sweater and skirt outfit [C411A] emerald green cashmere long sleeve sweater ornamented at collar and cuff with green and white polka dot silk and silk extension of sweater at waist; [C411B] matching green wool blend straight cut ankle-length skirt. kick pleats at back and PL side zipper; [C411C] matching green wool covered belt with rectangular covered buckle; [C411D] matching emerald green cashmere long-sleeve seater with collar of green and white polka dot silk but no cuff (label inscribed "Cindy"); [C411E] small green and white polka dot silk handkerchief that ties to belt to the PL side of belt buckle. [C411F] re-creation sterling silver bunny pin set with magnet for attaching to sweater.




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Kim Novak felt extremely at ease in the role of brunette Judy Barton, but intentionally less comfortable in impersonating the blonde Madeleine. Even though the film had a somewhat lack luster reception in 1958, it has gone on to become one of the most endearing classics.

Edith Head, who created the two character’s wardrobe, stated that the designs for the two characters were intentionally crafted to contrast the free-spirited non bra wearing Judy with the uptight proper Madeleine. For the character of Madeleine, Hitchcock insisted on putting Kim in a grey suit and black shoes (which she detested) to help physiologically enhance the uncomfortableness in the depiction of one of the most memorable “Hitchcock blondes.”

One of the two sweaters was worn by Cindy Williams in television series “Laverne and Shirley, Episode S01E14 "From Suds to Stardom".



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